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Zoo Police

Zoo Police

dV Giochi

  • 60000 ฿

There are no unsolvable mysteries for the Zoo Police detectives! 
The Zoo Police know no impossible crimes, but when they are perpetrated by Zebras and Rhinos, they sure are unlikely crimes! Framing the real culprits will be a challenge!
1 – Play your Suspects in secret.
2 – Score points by guessing the other players’ Suspects.
3 – Get the Crime cards up for grabs, but watch out: you can only keep three types!
Who will be the best “zoocop”?

In Zoo Police every player is an animal-policeman. At the beginning of each round there are formed four rows of Crimes represented by cards. Each row may consist of one or several cards. When the Crimes are known the players place their Suspect cards simultaneously face-down one card per row. Now we're moving to the guessing phase. Each player in her turn gets one guess and says what's the value (from 1 to 5) of chosen opponent's Suspect card. If the guess is right the Suspect is removed and the player who guessed correctly receives a point card. If the guess is wrong the card stays face-up and nothing happens. When each card is turned face-up or removed the Crime phase occurs. The player that placed the highest Suspect card in each row gets the appropriate row of Crime card(s). In case of a tie the tied cards are removed and the next high wins if any.

After several rounds the players score the points for the best three types of Crime cards that they gathered plus the bonuses for right guessing. The player who scored the most points is the winner.

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