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School Meteor

School Meteor

Group SNE

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Meteor falls through, enjoying life!!

Burn the empty, meteorite falls!
The city is destroyed. People fleeing. In this unprecedented disaster, their feelings are, runs through the town, boys and girls!

Girls and boys be tryin to meteorite falls in the desire of the player. Or charge any character who is hidden. Can be used with hand-like character come one to move and moved the character's special abilities.

Determine the meteorite fell, and then turning over the cards tiles. Dead character received a direct hit from a meteorite. Also do not take the panic token character was close to not hit. Panic tokens accumulates the anime "desperate state", would be stalled.

Achieved the victory conditions for repeating the hand, thus, received the first character the player is the winner.

Are games for the afflicted to select hide the true excitement, thrilling sensation through the meteorite, and win easily.

♦ number of players: 2-4 people
♦ age: 10 years
♦ time: about 30 minutes
♦ game design: tadaaki kawahito
♦ illustrations: four seasons

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