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Gambler x Gamble!

Gambler x Gamble!

Group SNE

  • 80000 ฿

Gambler × Gamble! is a simple card game that won the "Group SNE Contest" in 2015 and published by COSAIC in 2016.

Players begin the game with two gambler cards face up in front of them, two number cards (0 and 1) in their hands, and two coins in their treasury. As the game progresses, players will hire more gambler cards, receive larger number cards, and earn more coins. The major way to win the game is to earn 15 or more coins.

On a player's turn, he may hire a new gambler as long as he can pay the cost. Hired gamblers are laid down face-up in front of the player.

On the gambler card, there is a target number and reward amount. For example, there is a gambler card with target number 5 and reward amount 3.

After optionally hiring a new gambler, the player who begins the round plays a number card face up. For the initial round, it would be 1 or 0. Then, other players play one of their number cards face down. After that, reveal all the number cards and add up the numbers. If that total equals the number of a gambler cards, any player who hired that gambler gets the reward accordingly.

Play continues this way until a player collects 15 coins or more. The player with the most coins is the winner.

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