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Full Moon

Full Moon

Blue Orange Games

  • 20000 ฿

In Full Moon, the players each want to get all the wolves together to howl in the night. To set up, the players line up the twelve wolf tiles in a random order; the wolves come in four colors, with the wolves in each color having 1-3 prints.

The first player, sitting "below" the row of tiles, moves any one wolf tile one space to the left or right, placing it below the wolf tile in that location to form a column. The only restriction on movement is that two wolves of the same color can never be in the same column. (The row of tiles then contracts so that it has no empty spaces in it.) This player then places a moon token above or below the column; the next player has to move a tile that matches the color or number of the tile adjacent to the moon.

When a column of tiles is present, a player can move either the single wolf closest to his side of the table or the entire column of tiles. (This wolf closest to him must be a legal move.) If a player can't move, he loses his turn and the other player can move any wolf of his choosing.

The first player to place four wolves in a column wins!

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