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Dice of the Dead: Tokyo Armageddon

Dice of the Dead: Tokyo Armageddon

Group SNE

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Story-type board game appearance! Now his draw after six months from the world of TRPG "die of the Dead," a Tokyo that has been contaminated was the stage by zombies profound view of the world is woven. From where the information that enters the nucleus is bombarded there the story begins. The player becomes a half-zombie is a zombie kept the reason, while fighting zombies while collecting tips on the board, let's clear the scenario in cooperation. Behavior of the player is limited by the dice, it will be always be faced with the annoying selection. Also it has been also incorporated accusation system that the other player is to determine whether or not the zombie, would be identity concealment elements me greatly boost the story! Luxury components and artwork, Keep your eye on the story's charm ! will really for you guys can save Tokyo Players:!? 2 to 5-person play time: 60 to 90 minutes age: 12 years of age or older game design: Hitoshi Yasuda / Takuya Nishioka Illustration: Nagata D other

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