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Chicago Stock Exchange

Chicago Stock Exchange

Blue Orange Games

  • 28000 ฿

Who will be the best trader in Chicago Stock Exchange? Players trade in goods, seeking to keep the best-valued goods for themselves while ruining the values of those held by other players.

To start the game, shuffle the 36 tokens — which depict six types of goods — then place them in nine stacks, with the stacks in a circle. On a turn, the active player moves a pawn 1-3 stacks, then takes the top token from the two stacks adjacent to this pawn. He keeps one token for his own holdings and sells the other, lowering the value of that good by one. (Wheat starts with a value of 7, and the other goods start at 6.) When only two stacks remain, the game ends and players tally the value of their holdings to see who best judged (and manipulated) the market.

In the expert version of the game, the active player can move any number of spaces clockwise around the stacks, but must stop if he reaches a stack topped with the same type of good as that of the stack from which he started his movement.

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