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Cat & Chocolate: Business Is Business

Cat & Chocolate: Business Is Business


  • 80000 ฿

Cat & Chocolate: Business Is Business can be played as a standalone game or combined with Cat & Chocolate. Instead of the original game's haunted mansion theme, Business Is Business revolves around wacky situations that arise from a life in the corporate world.

Each turn, the player draws an event and tells the story of how she would avoid disaster with up to 1-3 item cards in her hand. Whether it's "stomachache in the middle of a presentation" or "your boss's wig is off-center", what will you do when you have only sushi or a self-enrichment book? It's a test of the player's imagination and life experience!

Should your story be accepted by at least half of the other players, you get to keep the event card and play continues until a special event card called "End!" is revealed. Whoever has scored the most event cards wins.