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Animal Mind

Animal Mind

Group SNE

  • 80000 ฿

Tell part of the truth to mislead your opponents! Keen intuition is required for the business!

アニマルマインド (Animal Mind) is a bluffing game where you may not tell a lie. Each turn, you draw a product card, on which a product type and value is written. No matter if you want the card or not, you must offer it to one opponent, disclosing either type or value of the product. You may not tell a lie in the disclosure, but there is some room for the opponent to deduce the untold part, and that's where you may confuse the opponent. The opponent takes the product if your offer is accepted, otherwise it is yours.

When you are offered a product by an opponent, you may not always accept or refuse the offer. When you have already used up your refuse attempt, you have to accept the next offer to regain a refuse attempt, and vice versa.

You score victory points according to the products you have collected, but because of tricky scoring rules, you sometimes don't want a certain kind of cards. When you draw such a card, your bluffing skill is tested. Try to give the card to an opponent, pretending it is not a bad card for you.

At the end of the game, the highest scorer wins the game.

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